Tuesday, February 17, 2009


this is a photo my friend moe.
he lives up in toronto.
i was lucky enough to see him in paris when he was on tour.

this photo was taken by my friend andrew.
he lives down in mexico city.
i am lucky enough to have several prints of is on my walls.

i'm international.
well, at least my friends are.

moe has a new album, "cities and years", dropping on the 23rd.
the tracks that have been released already are amazing.

i am in awe of the talent that so many of my close friends possess.
i've known both these kids since forever. for years. in one city to the next. these friendships have been constant.

with any luck i'm gonna get them both here in minneapolis at the same time along with some other good friends from far away cities and years.

it's gonna be a fucking riot.

check out the video. filmed in st. petersburg, russia.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

G and J

In the early Gumby episode "The Blockheads," the Blockheads slip ice cream into Gumby's milkshake, while Gumby and Pokey are traveling through the Old West.

The bartender serves the laced milkshake and Gumby becomes stiff as a result. The Blockheads take advantage of this in order to kidnap Pokey. (!)

However, Gumby blasts himself through the sky by firing off his pistols and lands on the Blockheads, saving Pokey.