Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011


Sports rivalries are things of legend. They help teams build morale and camaraderie. They have defined cities. Boston and New Yorkers know what I'm talking about.

Well, Minnesota is no stranger to them, (the evil Packers anyone?), but it is time I shed some light on a long-standing rivalry you may not be aware of, even though it's been right under your nose the whole time.

Yes, in the MN Cycling scene. Sort of.

You may be shocked to learn that my team, LittleGuyRacing, has had a rival in the cycling world for a few years now. I know, crazy!
The tension is always high, as we only meet on the battlefield, er- bike race, a scant few times each year.
It's your classic David and Goliath story. Your typical Cutters v. Rich Kids. Outsiders v. Soc's.
Your basic "we're the awesome underdog" and you are the "totally lame big budget lame-o spanks".

Yep. That.

It all started with our little teams humble beginnings, we created a small, tightknit group of awesome people and made super kick ass kits. It was a totally new and revolutionary idea.

THEN- Team Pegasus in Milwaukee TOTALLY DID THE SAME THING.

Only lamer.

So, we brought our A-Game and threw the area's most awesome race, made a bitchin' flyer, and pushed the self-promo hard as Minnesota's Only Professional-Looking Cycling Team.

THEN- Team Pegasus hosted an awesome race, made bitchin' flyers, and self-promo'd the shit out of themselves.


Our kits were an awesome grey/red, so we changed it up to black.
Their kits were weaksauce grey/pink and they changed them up to black too!

They beat us in races sometimes.
We beat them in races sometimes.

They made a flag.
And the battle really started.

But at the 1st ever Jon Page Cup where we first saw the Pega-flag, there were no spectators to see it.
Seeing an oppurtunity, we made a flag of our own and we brought it to Jingle Cross a few weeks later.
Amazingly, they didn't bring theirs.
We were pretty much heroes to the people of Iowa.

In your fucking face Pegasus.

Next fall at the now USGP in Madison, we brought our flag... but we were on their home turf, and they were clearly embarrassed from Jingle CX.
Yes, they had stepped up their game. They had their flag on a 20 foot pole.
Totally made our flag look puny and weak on it's 5 foot pole.

But we got our flag signed by Erwin Vervecken. So I'm calling it a win.

Since then, we made a bad ass podium for our races, and we have A LIGHT UP LGR SIGN for the night laps at the 24 hour races.


Intel says they've made hoodies and custom wheel grapics. Meh.

We have also made hella babies in the last year. Don't see Pegasus doing that!
In your fucking face Team Pegasus. Again.

I am redesigning the new LGR kits right now... or, I was before I start writing this. Anyway, they are going to totally rock Team Pegasus' faces off.

Yeah, I said it.


Our super cool black kit.

Their total rip off kit. Basically just changed the red to pink. Hosers.

our awesome holiday party flier.

their totes lame holiday lamefest flier.

their flag.


ugh. showoff.

Did i mention they made a calendar? Yeah, a sexy calendar.
Well... we.. uh.

We might have bought it.