Saturday, June 23, 2007


i apologize to all of dispencers readers for i have been super busy as of late. That is probably why i dont run a blog of my own. This magazine stuff has kinda took over my life the past week. We actually met with lawyers a couple days ago to figure out a business plan. yikes!
This is the REAL DEAL ladies and gents.
I Wish i could show you all what we have so far. but you are just going to have to wait.

in other news.......
I got a pair of Mavic Ellipse Track Wheels For hella cheap on Craigslist the other day. they are for my super Secret Single speed bike i am having built right now. hahaha!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hola amigos.

i know it´s been awhile since i rapped at cha.

i´ve been in paris for a week, then in montpellier for a few days, spent an afternoon in barcelona, and i´m currently in sevilla españa.

i don´t really have time to speak on all the great things that i´ve been seeing, and experiencing over here, on this side of the pond.
paris is pretty much right up my alley as far as cities are concerned.
i like: loud, busy, fast, easy to navigate, and plenty of coffee.
i think i´ve had about 6,000 shots of esspresso so far.
i hope i don´t get a random anytime soon... i´d fail for sure.

speaking of biking, (which i didn´t do in paris), it looks like a nightmare as far as paris.
i mean, point a to point b would be fine, abiet hectic. but going ´for a ride´, seems near impossible.
i think you´d have to get on a train out out town to get some nice riding in.

montpellier is totally the opposite style of paris... but somehow still really nice.
it´s chill, quiet, and has a mellow attitude. but 3 days is all you need.
i did take a dip in the mediterranean.

i have about a zillion photos but you´ll have to wait for those, cuz i ain´t got the time.
but i am hanging out here in sevilla a few more days, then back to barcelona for a few days, (where i´ll be checking out the velodrome), and then one final night in paris before jumping on the plane home.

i haven´t been keeping up on my loyal readers blogs either, so i´ll have plenty of reading to catch up on when i get back i´m sure.
as of now i can only imagine the drama you all have created in my absense...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

still alive.

for now...

but i am typing on a french keyboard, which makes things interesting...

real reports soon;
é ç à ù

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cog Magazine

Labor Day weekend is the release date for COG Magazine.
A Free Quarterly magazine focusing on urban cycling/culture/events.
Bound and printed on high quality paper.
distributed world wide, for and about the urban cycling scene.
our first issue will include interviews with framebuilder Jon Kendziera of Jonny cycles. Cory Benion, of Dank Messenger bags. NACCC07 Event. and many many more.
some of the people responsible for this will be...
Photographer/former messenger, Peter Diantoni
10 year messenger/artist, Eric Von munz
7 year messenger/artist, Kevin Stroede

Keep your eyes open for it at you local bike shops.
For Advertising rates please contact.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Made IN China??

What the Fuck.
Chrome Bags
are now Made in China???
Maybe they should team up with Nike
while they are at it.

i would rather get a timbuk2 than a chrome now.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh My, Oh my.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i was in Portland, OR a week ago and i had the opportunity to take this baby out of the stable.

did i mention it weighs 15 lbs?
did i mention i rode it?
this is a prototype that Sacha White of vanilla bicycles has created for the 07 cross season. only 30 will be made.

it is called Speedvagen.
Bow Down.

Guest Blogger???

Ok Ive tried to do this blog thing before. Somehow i lost the password and couldnt access my account. i know what you are thinking. does he have enough ammunition for the assholes? well, just wait and see. while the unicorn is trotting around europe, my goal in the usa is too keep the 4-5 fans of this blog entertained.

there are some things you need to know to make the next couple of weeks easier on you and me.....

1. i Am a horrible speller. i know this, there is no need to point this out. i hate spellcheck.

2. I Dont know shit about track racing. i RIDE a track bike. and my track bike will hock a loogie on your $3000 circle chaser.

3. i dont race road anymore. i just couldnt stand seeing this guy drop out of any more races.

4. i race cyclocross. dirty, provocative, just the way i like it.

there you have it. i look forward to listening to you bitch and moan


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

france. spain. anywhere but here....

that's right. i'm outta here.

see you a-holes later.

i'm going across the pond, and so i'm missing the next 3 thursday nights on the track. boo.
i apologize in advance if the crowd attendence is down...

i won't be home until the 25th of june, so i won't see you at the nvgp either.
i will miss seeing all those doped up jerks ride up that hill in stillwater, but not enough to cut my trip short.

also, i doubt i'll be posting much from the exotic and foreign places (um, coffeeshops), that i will be visiting, so i have set-up a guest blogger for your enjoyment.

i didn't bother to tell him the rules about capital letters, and how i resize all the text smaller...
...mainly because i think i'm the only one who notices, or cares.

we'll see if he posts anything.
(i told him what spanks you are, so there's no fooling him).

i also gave specific instructions to go easy on ray.
(he's getting old you know).

in the meantime, enjoy these photos that i didn't take of the north american cycle courier championships.

here our faithful guest blogger proceeds to destroy everyone, and prove that the midwest still has the most badass messengers.

when steph is not smiling about kicking ass at the velodrome, she smiling about kicking ass at the naccc's.

random messenger dude decending fixed with no brakes, with fedex box in his/her teeth.
i wonder if they're using ceramic bearings, and if so what is the calculated avantage on this course?