Monday, September 28, 2009

cx season has begun.

time to hone your skills.

LGR has been.

hope you have been too!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

best of show.

i don't want to write about bikes anymore.


i write this blog mostly for my own enjoyment, but also when i feel like i have something that i want you to know. about me, about the world, whatever.
i like when you guys leave me your thoughtful comments. whether we agree or not.

even though i am currently not interested in this thing i would like you, my loyal readers, to continue to enjoy this blog.
i sometimes contemplate deleting it, but i feel like i've put a bit too much into it to make it just disappear.

so i put together a few of my personal favorite posts from the annals for you to relive.
...or live for the first time, if you haven't been a longtime fan.

maybe this is a heartfelt plea from me to you, for a sign that it's all been worth it- and still is.
maybe it's a gimmick to keep your interest.
maybe i'm just trying to impress a girl.
who knows?

srsly, click on these. they are fun.
and i spent a lot of time looking them up.


category: about me, bitches. REAL TALK.
-know what i hate?
-5 assholes.

category: the most truth i've ever put to (digital) paper. hardest thing i ever had to write.

category: best cuts at super rookie.
-it's funny cuz it's true.
-happy halloween.

category: trashing the local bike scene.
-(dis)entertainment weekly.
-project runway 2008.

category: watching someone die.

category: best race report. ever.
-nothing but trouble.