Tuesday, February 09, 2010


stuporbowl 13 was last saturday.

this marks my 9th SB participation.
i still want to win this thing, but at the same time my attention span for it is waning pretty hard.
i've been as close as 2nd, back at SB10 when i lost to littleguy.

it used to be a lot of fun, but these days it seems like a lot of work.

i don't know.

there are some alleycats out there that i would much rather win, like the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational for instance. or naccc. or even just riding at worlds again would be fun. (top 100 in 2003, yo!)

anyway, here is SB13 by the numbers:

  • 20 stops.
  • 30 miles.
  • 2 hours.
  • 13 minutes.
  • 1 crash.
  • 2 cramps.
  • 7th place.
  • 300+ 'racers'.
  • 0 big deal.

since i thought i broke my damn fool knee crashing on the path btw the west bank and dt, going about 25 mph i took it easy after the race, and went home early.

i am sure eveyone was disappointed.

i was laid up for the first part of sunday too, but rode the trainer later to loosen up the muscles a bit, since i was sick of limping around everywhere.
i guess the superbowl was on.
i had kinda forgot.

so, i may as well recap the sb44:

  • the saints deserved it.
  • kia and googles had the best ads.
  • all the other ads sucked. bad.
  • srsly.
  • forgot the who exsisted.
  • remembered why i forgot the who existed.

so it goes.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010