Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview! I met SmithersMPLS!

me and smithers enjoy burritos. some other lame bike racers try to get in on the action.

Dis: Hey Chris. Do u mind taking a picture with me?
Smithers: Chris is my father's name. My friends call me Smithers. Call me Smithers.
Dis: Smithers! Smithereeno! U mind taking a picture with me Smithers?
Smithers: No problem. We love our fans. Is that a Canon or a Nikon?
Dis: It is actually a point and shoot DSLR 40.4 megapixels. It is GREAT for on-the-go picture taking.
Smithers: I love that. I could have really used one when I used 2 be a bike racer.
Dis: Yeah… I was wondering. What ever happened with that?
Smithers: WEll. It was just time 2 call it quits.
Dis: Bummer dude! It’s like breaking up the band.
Smithers: Yeah. It hurts to say goodbye. It really does.
Dis: Hey can I get your cell number?
Smithers: what for?
Dis: Well I was thinking I could do a phone interview with you for my new blog site
Smithers: Cool what's it called?
Dis: BikezRAwesomeBlog
Smithers: Oh yeah! I love that site. That's YOU?
Dis: Yeah. Just me. Love it. In it for the right reasons. To showcase premium local bike racers who are improving our scene. Our site loves your team, and gave your state cx championship 4.9 out of 5 thumbs up/stars.
Smithers: We really appreciate it. Your site is influencial and we saw a noticable attendance bump when u blggd abt it.
Dis: Yeah!
Smithers: Yeah!
Dis: Wanna go grab a bite?
Smithers: U know what? I'm super hungry. But really unfamiliar with the area
Dis: Let's go ahead and hit up this GREAT new burrito place around the corner. U like Mexican?
Smithers: Like it? My middle name is basically 'Flauta'!
Dis: Yeah! We'll get some flautas and guac as appetizers.


Smithers: Holy EFF! This is better than Chipotle.
Dis: I'm not racist, but if ur gonna eat Mexican food, Mexicans better be making it.
Smithers: YEah I feel the same way about fusion food.
Dis: So how ru for real?
Smithers: Kinda sad
Dis: Why bb?
Smithers: I am not sure
Dis: BB… Ur U. Never be sad. U were put on this earth for a reason… Not every1 can say that.
Smithers: My ex-team hates me.
Dis: Why?
Smithers: Because I ended their income streams
Dis: Chris. It's gonna be okay. If they are ur TRUE FRIENDS, they would understand.
Smithers: Somebody left flaming poo on my doorstep.
Dis: U mind passing the peach salsa?
Smithers: Holy EFF this is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, similar to the popular AZN sauce 'sweet and sour' sauce.
Dis: Yeah! I dip eggrolls in that on the reg.
Smithers: Hell yeah. Eff spring rolls.
Smithers: So tell me about u…
Dis: 32/m/mpls ~~single and ready 2 mingle~~~
Smithers: Nice
Dis: Kewl
Smithers: U wanna get some sopapillas?
Dis: The flan is really good
Smithers: Tres leches milkshakes? Holy Effing EFF
Dis: Yeah let's get a sampler dessert, which is an appropriate sized portion so we can have all 3.
Smithers: OMG perfect
Dis: So can I get ur gmail address?
Smithers: Why.
Dis: Because Chri---SMITHERS.
Smithers: Cuz why
Dis: Bc ur my friend
Smithers: You bet your ass you are.

Please use the comments forum 2 share ur personal stories abt meeting local bike racing celebs.

all content and ideas 100% blatantly plagerized from hipsterrunoff.com. fuck it, you laughed.