Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mad cx uci. video.

lap one.
thru the barriers.

i'm not last, and i'm as shocked about that as you are.

here is a shot of my ass and all the guys that had to look at it for 2 laps...
i gotta get my endurance for that kind of pace up.

Monday, September 29, 2008

mad cx uci.

really fast.

learned alot.

wish i was in better shape, but don't we all?

33rd of 41 starters day one, 31 of 36 on day two.

didn't finish either race, but made it to the half way point to get an official result which was my goal for each day.

i guess i coulda raced 30+ and got a good result and not learned how to go faster, but i prefer to get stomped and absorb race knowledge like a sponge.
that's just me.

see you in "orono", and hudson!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lance is a bad bike racer.

Pic by Lindsay Thomson of Interbike.

well, a bad cyclocross racer anyway.

although it may have to be blamed on his mechanic... a 53/39 chainring setup? seriously?
they really do think he is superman.


oh well. i hope he comes to jingle cx so i can race him!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am out of the office until September 29th attending the INTERBIKE spank-fest.

I'll be checking messages when I can, between schmoozing the knobs out here in Vegas, and feeding my losing streak at the craps table.
Please be patient if it takes me an extra amount of time to get back in touch with you sad, pathetic lame-o's that aren't here at the the big bike nerd-off.



Cxxxx T. Sxxxx

[identity masked to protect the guilty].

Friday, September 19, 2008

wisconsin has better ideas...

it's a sad state of affairs.
wisco is out-gunning us!

but this has to be a skibby-approved epic combination of sports of cx and track...

not quite as good as this idea was, butt close! (get it?)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


k-murder. vanilla bicycles.

should cyclocross be an olympic sport?

(a winter olympic sport, duh).

what do you think?

Monday, September 15, 2008

lgr game plan stolen!

security was breeched.

it appears that the top-secret and highly coveted lgr race tactics system has been discovered.

details are sketchy, but it would seem that kelly-benefit medfast has aquired or developed their own tactical information system based on littleguyracing's.

if they win duluth in '09 we may have to file a lawsuit.

and the 8-ball says;
"super rookie will take a chunk out of his shin via an ill-advised driveside dimount".

the 8-ball never lies.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

not another political cycling blog....

sick of smithers?

me too.

is anyone else reading this?

scattered and angry, but thought provoking.

...unlike smithers. (aka; fluffy and soft, but comment provoking).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


tuesday night cross practice all up in your grill.

too fun.

i may have to give up all other kinds of racing...

p.s. rain forcasted for thursday. is anyone suprised?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Get some.

As I am sure you have heard, our teammate and friend Jason is dealing with some serious BS.
He is being treated for skin cancer, and it has sucked for him.He's been through multiple visits to the hospitals and doctors, and all kinds of related stress.

He is dealing with it as best he can, (which is pretty well if you asked me), but he definitely can use all the support he can get.

My mom had the same thing, and I know that it is no fun to deal with.

He has been deemed "cancer-free" recently, and that is huge.
...unfortunatly, so are the bills.

As individuals, I know we have all reached out, and/or offered whatever support we can to Jason in our own ways, and I really want to sincerely thank everyone for it.

Our little bike scene really is something special.

As a way to show our support for Jason, LGR has decided to make wristbands, (ala LiveStrong), to wear in support of Jason and his battle.

I would love to see them on display at every race this cross season.

We will have plenty of extra wristbands, and we are hoping to sell them for donations in any amount. from a quarter to a quarter mill.
These donations will be given 100% to Jason to help with his medical bills.

Please give some thought to wearing a band whenever you are competing, and also to anyone you know that may wish to wear one as well, and cx out for a cause.

find me at the races, or get yours at behind bars bike shop!



i never need to go to the track again...

this is way more fun!

Go to the main page here, enter the site, and once the aural and visual assault is over, click on "Line Master".

Then click Enter, then click on a few random boxes of Japanese text, pick a racer!

Tap the space bar to pedal, steer with the cursor keys.

Don't tap space too much or you will get tired and go slower than super rookie.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


registered today.

jingle cross rock uci races in iowa city, and uci races at the johnathan page cx cup in madison...

well, at least i'll have decent start line spots.
...actually all that does is take away one of my armada of excuses for sucking. the "bad start position".

hmmm... a new plan is in order.

sounds grim.

but who's starting it?

todays 'youth against war & racism' rally is under permit until 5pm.

from indy media's twitter (aka live blogging from the event):
(most recent at the top) :

cops have surrounded entire rally. riot cops behind stage. tear gas guns
pulled out on lawn
from web

riot cops have entered middle of crowd at capitol. 2 people
from web

rally at capitol being surrounded by
riot cops. 40 on horseback
from web

FreePress.net has collected
40k+signatures agains abuse of journalists in Twin Cities, deliver to Mayor
Coleman tmrw. FREEDOM OF PRESS!
from web

Warning: police in unmarked vans have
white numbers chalked on top of windshield. Avoid them! Someone is stirring up
riot rumors- the govt?
from web

have video of brutality, arrests, etc?
can deliver to i-witness video at IMC, 300 Broadway in STP, ring #38. or call
from web

cops in riot gear are parked on
sidewalk lining shepard road up to 35E. yawr march is on kellogg blvd south of
from web

Word is that downtown businesses are
being asked to close.
from web

Word from several state employees
(teachers mostly) is that all state employees are being asked to evacuated from
the downtown area.
from web


it is currently 4:28pm

yeah, the cops don't start shit.
the fear and intimidation tactic cause most of the problems if you asked me.

don't believe indy media? ok.
how about minnesota public radio? same story.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

st. paul kares.

this is kare11 footage from last night.

police disrupted and shut down the day long legally permitted concert on the state capitol steps when rage against the machine came on stage. this was just after micheal franti performed.

the crowd got pissed and the cops proceeded to chase all the peaceful concert goers away with tear gas and concussion gernades. it looked like this:


there is almost no mention of these incident in the papers, and when there is it is downplayed as a few "anarchists".

see it for yourself.
i see a concert-sized crowd, walking away. ...for some reason getting tear gassed.

sorry george.

sorry george, but i still am not interested in trek.

or bontrager.
or fisher.

now lemonds, those i like.

sorry lance.

sorry lance, but i will never ever buy a trek.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

you do the math.

from the same AP article;

A total of 284 people were arrested on the first day, 130 of which are facing felony riot charges...


Officers said they were prepared, and responded by taking down dozens of “anarchists” causing chaos in the streets. As protesters ran wild through the capital streets, some went as far as to break windows of police cars and store fronts...


"dozens" of "anarchists" equals 284 arrests and 130 felony charges?

it begs the question: just who did they arrest, and why?


mayor colman commended cops for showing restraint, and not being taunted into unruly, unnessary, or dangerous acts...

apparently no one showed him this...

when does a cop in a protest situation ever rush a group of people on his own to arrest someone?
is he retarded?

this crowd appears reasonably mellow and law-abiding.

until of course the cop randomly run thru the crowd and arrests someone, threatens everyone around with mace, receives a detroit redwings level body check, loses his grip on his "collar", and proceeds to mace every one around (mostly media with press credentials, if you are paying attention).


now what was just a mob of folks try to head home after a peaceful march, is an unruly mob.
...and they are pissed at one cop who is alone without back up.
...and for all that, said cop has no arrest to show for it.

yeah, give that dipshit a pat on the back.

here's what a cop in that situation should do:

1. call for back up.
2. wait.

pretty simple, huh?

gosh, i wonder why things got out-of-hand... must've been "the anarchists"!

democracy now?

can't wait for this episode on npr!