Friday, December 29, 2006

you know it's over...

when they are selling the frames off on ebay.

very sad.

it may be slightly old news about them folding but, i wish everyone from the team luck.
and hopefully there will be another team to come to the track racing circut at that level...

(i mean besides lgr).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

full of hot air.

so i hear that the kodak gallery pro cycling team presented by sierra nevada brewing co. will offset 100 percent of team generated carbon frame building pollution with renewable energy in 2007?
the team has purchased wind credits. sweet.

"No one understands the direct impact of carbon pollution better than cyclists who train everyday on [carbon bicycles and parts]," said team marketing director, Rob O'Dea. "We're glad to have a chance to offset the pollution we create by supporting the development of clean, renewable wind power," O'Dea added.

the team's purchase includes enough renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset 100 percent of the home electricity consumption of each of its athletes and management, as well as all of the team's travel and "personal" emissions. apperently, credits have also been purchased to offset all of the pollution generated from production of the carbon bicycles and carbon parts the team rides, and by team vehicles operating in support of nearly 120 days of domestic bicycle racing in 2007, including snack runs.

i am told the team's purchase of wind energy credits has the same impact as planting 8,460 trees, not driving 669,950 miles, or preventing the burning of 344,340 pounds of coal, according to statistics provided by the u.s. department of energy. that is really awesome because where would we put all those fucking trees? this is so much better.

sarcasm aside, i do think it's a nice small step in the right direction. kudos to kg-sn. if you need a domestique, call me.

Friday, December 22, 2006

lgr rolls in style.

oh, i'll get it.
i just have to figure out how i can afford it...

...without donating anything.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

hey anonymus.

i see you.

i know you come here.

but you never comment.

is it because you are afraid of getting a blogger login? ok, now you don't have to.

but leave a name chump.

if you abuse it, it will go away.

Monday, December 18, 2006

5 assholes walk into a bar...

...and the bartender says, "what'll ya have"?

the first asshole says, "i am always 5 minutes behind schedule. always. you could set your fucking watch by it. it doesn't matter how early i leave the house...
...oh, uh, how about a whiskey and ginger ale".

the second asshole gives the first a quizzical look, and says to the bartender, "i can't decide who my favorite musician is between prince, tupac, and johnny cash. it's fucking with me. gimme a thugs passion. no wait maybe jack straight... wait, do you have something purple?".

asshole number 3 chimes in with, "you know, i just realized i grew up in minnesota and have never been skiing, played in a competitive hockey league, curled, or snowboarded. winter is total bullshit. give me a fucking sex on the beach".

the fourth asshole looks at the bartender, and mutters under his breath, "god, i hate assholes. you can't get away from 'em can ya? oh well. if you can't beat 'em join 'em, eh? lemme have a vodka cranberry... and use the stoli, ok there pal".

the last asshole says to the bartender, "for your information, i don't smoke, i've never used drugs, and certainly i do not drink. so, give me a shirley temple."

the bartender raises an eyebrow and says, "wow, do you all realize that if you were one person you'd be one colossal asshole?
get the fuck out of my bar".

after they leave the bartender puts his hand on his forhead, lets out a long sigh, and says,

"ask a stupid question..."

Saturday, December 16, 2006

new kids on the block.

or, nkotb as they were affectionatly known by fans as.

well, next season is somehow already just around the corner and everyone is making the most of the transfer season.

lgr has been making moves, as has been well reported on the blogs, but also in on the action are:

kelly benefits, grandstay, silver cycling, and gp.

kelly is the big new team on the block, based in mn. although, i have to wonder how much racing they will do locally here.

no, actually i don't. they will do the nvgp. thats it.

if you check their website, you will see their kits bear a striking resemblence to the grandstay kits. i am told that those kits are changing for next year. (and it's a good thing too, phonak/grandstay are not the models to follow).

grandstay has been making a lot of waves locally with signings, and they have also re-vamped their outfits. hooray!

and as an irish boy, i have to say i approve. where can i sign up guys?

in other news, grumpy's/lgr is going national!
that's right, in light of the recent developments i've begun talks with indivduals in the bay area in regards to pontential lgr contracts. the outlook is good.

we have also recevied an offer from some dude who'll be racing in colorado.

i expect lgr to branch out to a european campaign for the 2008 season.

end communication.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"thank you for being american".

thats what she just said to me.

she is so sick of "talking to india and pakistan".

i am not really sure why i am suprised. i wonder if she is equally confused by getting dead air after her comment.

it also made me wonder why my job isn't outsourced yet, being that my boss is a huge cheapass.

her uber-american first name was "gygnetha". seriously, how the fuck do you say that?

my stunned silence did not deter her, as she went on and on about the "pakis"...
she didn't get any sale prices.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

panic at the disco?

it is about damn time someone lets discovery know that they are not above the law.

it's not that i hate discovery channel as a team.

but i do generally not agree with their attitide.

a few short months ago i would have said "good for them, if they didn't do it [sign basso], someone else would"... but i don't know anymore.

maybe some shit team would, but i am actually pretty impressed by the serious stands that the pro tour teams seem to be taking.

(can you tell that i'm still just a little pessimistic at heart?)

in other news, lgr is super rad.

we've signed many good riders for the upcoming season, and have a few more suprises up our sleeves too. beware.

also, we were awarded a brand new cx race to promote next year, as well as stage one of the tour of 10k lakes.

"the grumpys/lgr circut race at the statefair grounds".

what a nice ring.

we are looking forward to a great season, and we hope you are to, and we apologize in advance for taking the victories at your targeted races.

Friday, December 08, 2006


...look at this asshole.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

...and action!

so, a little more info;

the premise of the show is to show you how to revamp your shit for only $500 bucks. so the designers have to get creative.

like hiring some punk kids to make the main centerpiece art for the walls.
here is a shot of the condo mid-makeover.

...and to think i was getting locked up for this shit just a few years ago.
my, how times have changed.

maybe you can tell from the photos, but they set up the panels we painted so that they could be broken apart into three pieces and hung with some space inbetween.

the crew and cast were great, and it was a fun experience. everyone on set was cool, and very apprecitive of the work we were doing. i think it was the first time i had ever heard so many "grown-ups" speaking that highly of graffiti.

they were also having a blast doing their own graffiti for the wall behind our pieces. they all said is was really fun, and they could see why kids do it. they all had stories of how they were just in nyc and how impressed they were with the graffiti there. (nyc is all midwesterners now-a-days, ha).

i gotta say thanks to cy at design for the idea, and giving a call.
if you need some design work done, look him up. he's got his shit together.

so i had to roll before the condo owner showed up. but i hear he loved it.
(and rightfully so, i might add).

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

quiet on the set.

so today i started shooting for the hgtv show, decorating cents.

they are in downtown minneapolis filming a condo/artist loft make over.
they wanted an urban vibe.
naturally they called me.

actually, they called my girl. she invited me along.

so basically, i'm eating catered food, having the assistant pop over to the hardware store to pick up another can of summer squash yellow, and painting all day.

with a camera in my face.
thats the only weird part.

right now
i'm taking a break, (i'm the talent, so i can do whatever the fuck i want), having a soy mocha, and telling you the story.

by the way, how's work?

first sign your life away.

on set.

at work. (sorry the photo is blurry, you'll have to tivo it).

i'm hoping to be done in time to get home and see carrie d lay the smack down on melrose.
and if you don't know what i'm talking about, it's probably better that way.

more photos, and the finished product tommorow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


park the car.
it's time to play.

not too far away, but far enough so you can't read the plates from the main entrance.

grab a cart on the way in, make a mental note of where the employees are.

dressed the part, gotta fit in. dickies. work clothes. carhartt.
take the long way around to the paint asile. a little paranoid. act like we're browsing.

alright. here we go.
one person to the end of the asile, a lookout. the other two fill the cart.
fuck cans, i'm talking cases. fill the cart. bottom rack too.
should we throw in a roller extension pole too? sure, fuck it.

flat black. all of it.
silver. flat white. wildflower blue. whatever will fit, as long as it's rusto.
i ain't doing this shit for krylon.

okay. full cart.
now comes the fun part. send one outside, all casual. check it out.
light a cigarette. signal all clear, just a slow nod.

then me. and the cart. out through the in door.
in the lot, heading for the car.

the last one comes through, to make sure no one noticed.
this time someone did.

he overhears her saying, "those boys over there..." to the kid in the orange vest.
"...they just pushed that cart out!"

the vest looks across the lot. what is he suspossed to do about it he asks.

she goes inside. raising hell.


we are sprinting for the car. popping the trunk. hustle.
get the shit in, and lets go.

theres a swarm of orange coming out now. yeah, they see us.

the car is loaded. they are too slow, and we are on the gas like tony stewart.
flying through the lot, over a median, and onto the freeway ramp.

that was probably a little unnessasary. but the adreniline is flowing.

we had 600 cans of paint.

they lasted most of the summer.

Monday, December 04, 2006


on this day, 1998:

A 35-year-old woman and an 11-month-old boy were killed and 10 other children and adults were hurt Friday night when a police van hit a squad car and careered into a crowd of spectators waiting for the Holidazzle Parade to begin on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

Screaming parents tried to pull children out of the way, smoke rose from the van and spectators ran in every direction to escape. Within minutes, the scene was swirling with officers, ambulance drivers and state troopers trying to move the crowd back and treat the injured.

and then:

Prosecutors said Tuesday that no misdemeanor charges will be filed against Minneapolis police officer Thomas Sawina for accidentally driving a police van into Holidazzle parade spectators in December, killing a woman and baby and injuring 11 others.


happy holidays!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"i see", said the blind man.

nothing has been going on with me lately.

nothing at all.

covert operations.

constant partying.

no poisoning russians.

and, (
for skibby), no cx racing.

i know the real question on everyone's mind is;

when is the grumpy's/lgr holiday party!?

well, it's coming up, you'll have to watch super-rookie dot com for infomation.

it'll be sweet i'm sure, here's a nice big picture of tim's drunk ass.

i expect to see this face again at the lgr party. enjoy.