Monday, February 20, 2012

INTERVIEW! I met the mysterious LittleGuy!

Dis: Hey bro, you look like this guy i heard about. Is it you?
LG: i have no idea what you are talking about
Dis: Don't you race bicycles as the mascot for a popular local cycling team?
LG: i guess i do sure
Dis: sweet. i just wanted to interview you about life and happiness and why peeps call you littleguy. you're not really that little.
LG: who calls me that?
Dis: dude
LG what?
Dis: you can't be serious
LG: what?
Dis: What are you doing right now?
LG: working on this painting of these cats
Dis: Kewl
LG: its a zen thing
Dis: So kewl
LG: so what do want to ask me spencer? we are friends here
Dis: oh, yeah. I was just thinking about you and these cats and cyclocross
LG: the cats are an inspiration. i do it for them
Dis: That's sweet
LG: do you want a vegan biscuit? its rosemary olive ginger
Dis: oh no, thanks
LG: it's vegan
Dis: sure ok
LG: i baked them this morning
Dis: Holy Eff littleguy this is effing bursting with flavors
LG: don't call me littleguy
Dis: This is so effing good can i have another one?
LG: sure. i like your style
Dis: thanks little bro. means a lot coming from you
LG you mean a lot to me
Dis: thanks man. you gonna finish that Yoohoo?
LG: you bet your ass i am
Dis: so, how are you for reals?
LG: not good. i have some sunburn. and the cats hate me
Dis: thats not true, bb. you have so much to live for
LG: really?
Dis: really. i believe.
LG: i don't use the internet a lot i heard people are just mad there alot
Dis: thats true. lots of crazies. scary stuff sometimes
LG: doesn't super rookie have a blog?
Dis: no
LG: are you recording this?
Dis: no, never
LG: ok. i hate the internet better to stay away.
Dis: Hows winter training?
LG: it is kewl. was training in AZ. saw some pros. rode mtn lemon
Dis: haha when life gives you lemons
LG: haha you know it
Dis: so true
LG: hey thanks for hanging out. its good to see you
Dis: you too. love the painting btw
LG: kewl. ttyl
Dis: xoxo