Friday, November 30, 2007


we are a marketing machine.

in your face rock racing.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


i added some stuff.

like btdc, and
(also sexy adam, xjasonx, and crc).

most importantly, i've added the mn racer ranking page.

it is my very favorite website.
for real.

it is super awesome. don't ever change.
(although, it would be nice if it listed the little guy as part of lgr, and not unattached).

i like it because it does it right.
rank the racers that matter. rank races on different points scales according to importance. and show overalls, as well as cx, road, and mtn separately.

who ever the genius is behind it, well... i'd take them out to a movie anytime.

i've also removed some shitty links.

closed circut to strats - 48, baby. 48.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



fifty-one goddamn races entered in 2007.

that's with;
  • skipping the duluth 3 race weekend to save some cash for europe.
  • 3 weeks of june off, while in europe.
  • and skipping the 3 race tour of granite county to finacially recover after coming back from europe.
you'd think i'd be ready to stop... but, i'm actually thinking about going to milwaukee this weekend for the wisco state cx championships.

anyone wanna go?

(p.s. i went to europe).

(p.p.s. yes hollywood, a track night counts as one).

Monday, November 26, 2007

the iowa city report. long version.

jingle cross did not disappoint.

it was yet again, an event of epic proportions. and this time it was a uci sanctioned race.
which meant a few things;

alot more heavy hitters,
alot less regular barriers,
and, fines would be in swiss francs.

all of the things would come into play before the weekend was over.

the big news of course, was that former national champion todd wells was going to be there, in addition to tour de france racing, (and almost stage winning), chris horner.
they would end up taking 1st and 2nd respectively on both days.

[uci mens podium; day one]

others in town for the men's uci event included doug swanson (mn state champ), tristian
schouten (recent winner of a uci cx race in cali), marko lalonde(4th at chaummy), bjorn selander (former junior nation champ), steve tilford (old), adam bergman (fast), dewey (jingle cx 2006 35+ champ)... it was gonna be a spectacle.

we hit the town a bit friday night, but tim was on his best behavior. sarah was with for this trip. unfortunately, no bar fights ensued. and none of this.

saturday we were up early, and set out for the races. it was cold.
colder than it was in mn, it didn't seem fair.
the forcasted snow was not present either, i was kinda hoping for it. i figured i might have an advantage. oh well.

the rock one course was pretty similar to last years version, but being that it was now a big money uci event, it had only one set of barriers instead of the 4 sets on last years course.
they did throw in some logs as natural barriers. they looked very natural laying out in the middle of the field like that.

the first day featured the long grinding, endless climb up mount krumpit... followed by the extremely steep fast decent off it. neither side of this hill was friendly, it was lumpy, and clumpy, and bone-shaking.

on day two it would reverse, and we'd run up the steep side, and descend the long side.

most of course was pretty straight forward, only the sandpit, some bumpy off-camber, and some small, but tricky muddy ditches to really give anyone problems.

[wells lead horner thru the grinch's lair]

the rock one for me started well, but not a hard as i knew i could go.
not sure why, but i gave up some spots at the beginning that i knew i should have fought for.
my head was just not 100% in the game for that first lap.

i was maybe 15th into the first barriers, and settled in the line.

i gained some ground on the climb, but i'd lose it on the decent. it was too treacherous for me to just let go of the brakes until about half way down. this was the one thing i knew that i had to improve from last year.
i did better, but when i watched wells and those dudes... holy freeking crap.
there is a lot of room for improvement.

little guy and i kept yo-yoing, all race. he was having all kinds of chain issues, and i'd pass him fixing it, he'd catch up, i'd lead him out for awhile and send him on his way.
...only to see him on the side of the road fixing his chain again... repeat 4 times.

i finished the race in 24th place out of 115 starters. not bad.
...although better than last year, i knew i could have preformed better.

saturday night was the punk rock cycling jingle party, but it was elbow to elbow, so the grumpy's crew (12 deep!) had our own party across the street at some other bar. little guy was not too good at big buck hunter. caitlyn would be proud.

[little guy, too compassionate, or too poor a shot?]

tom came down to take in the spectacle, and graciously gave out some post race massage.
totally pro.

rock 2 would, like last year, prove to be a better course for me. the slightly less death-defying descent, and a long, long, hard, long, hard, long, run up where i was able to drop people every lap definitely worked in my favor.

i took the holeshot more seriously, and was sitting 5th wheel into the barrier.
fil lead it out, with the little guy in tow. that was rad.

i lost some spots on course, but i drilled the run up the first lap a dropped the group of 8 that i was with. finally formed at group of 3 with some dudes that i knew had finished well the day before. we were racing for 12-14th.

i was killing the paved sections as much as i could, and pushing it on the run, and i was able to drop them both for awhile. one managed to claw back. it was really a fun race.

in the end i finished 13th, and in the money. that was nice.

little guy was flying, and snagged 5th place. no chain trouble today!

[linda and maria, day 2]

jimmer has the most amazing thing i have seen in a bike race on video.
if you weren't there, you have no idea what this feat entailed.

jingle cross was a huge success yet again.

the icing on the cake was when the uci officials said noonan would get a 100 swiss franc fine for taking a beer hand up. (they ended up just giving a warning to lalla, the hander).

Friday, November 23, 2007

i outta went around...


oh boy.

i really enjoyed jingle cross last year, and i think it's gonna be an even better time this year.

at this time last year, lgr was just starting to take shape. we had a small roster, and a good attitude. jingle cross was the event that more or less kicked it off for us as a team.

karla, fil, tim, littleguy, and i were all there. i was a really nice way to get some momentum going to train thru the winter and be ready to rock our first season in brand new colors.

this year is no different. sure we have the kits now, but the team is changing and growing.
i have a feeling that we were viewed as a 'track team', simply because almost all of us raced at the track frequently.
i don't think that label was every really true. many of us have toed the start line over 50 times this year. from road races in iowa in march, to cx in november.

it's only fair to call us a cycling team.

while specificity will get you wins in one aspect of this sport, we are looking more for camaraderie, friendships, getting the most out of cycling, and good memories.

so, much like last year, we are setting out for jingle cross and we are bring a big crew.
this year our caravan is 10 people strong!
including some of our newest recruits, which i think will be a great way for them to really be introduced to the team.

check back for updates over the weekend.
also, check the bikethrow for all kinds of race shinanagins.

for a jinglecx refresher, check here, here, and here.

see you on the road.

...and the track, and the dirt, and...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

that was quick!

how did brian get his 08 team jersey so quick?

it is a mystery.

Monday, November 19, 2007

state cx, from the sideline. part two.

the (dis)pencer presents:

"the review of super rookie's race",


"uuf dah! that was tough, eh?".

lets begin.

the first, and most important aspect of having a good cx race, is the start.
let's look at the line up;

hmmm, no rookie. where is he?

ah, there he goes!
not the best start... but there are at least 7 of the 90 starters behind him.
and as an added bonus he is not starting his race from a seated postion, as some lsc members seem to have... now that's a start!

ok, well i think rookie can still recover from this poor start.
first, we need to know whats coming on the course, and plan ahead a bit. the first major element of the course we will hit is the hill climb, and off-camber decent.
knowing what kind of decender rookie is, i am hoping to see him think through the pain and plan ahead, hitting the climb in a reasonable gearing, cuz if he can get a ton of time on the climb he may come off the decent a few seconds up from where he was...

...or he can try it in the big ring...


ok, well we ain't making up any time yet... so let's just focus on keeping the pace steady and staying relaxed, so we can really make a charge on the second major element of the course; the stairs.

a clean dismount, and a solid run should help rookie make back some places.

let's observe.

oh dear god!
rookie! how can you even walk with that chainring's tab a searching for your slot b?!

yowzers. well, hopefully the driveside dismount got you a gap when it made everyone think you were about to crash spectacularly, and freaked out some of your competitors.

i hope it just looks painful. at least the grease should darken up the skinsuit a bit.

well, at this point we are a few laps in and it is going to be really tough to move up without really turning it up and applying some pressure to those pedals.
this is the point where the splits have happened and the weak get shelled. anyone who wants to do well at cross racing will have to make the decision at this point in the race to get in the drops, and really reach into that suitcase of courage.
it is make it, or break it.

in other words; time to get your game face on.

here's a photo sequence from (b2 race #169-173).
let's see rookie's face of determination, and compare.

oh. ...maybe the big ring is starting to wear him down?

well, that's fine. it is totally ok to have an off day.
in fact, an off day can be really a useful thing. you can use it to work on your skills on a sweet course without the pressure of being absolutely anywhere near the front of the race.

try some new lines, maybe figure out what gear you want to be in...

or, you could keep it in the big ring... i guess there may be a tt coming up that needs a little extra training for. in that case, "elbows in rookie"!

well thats it for rookie race. the towel is thrown.
fuck it, it's about the fun anyway.


in other style awards news, two more winners!

jay never seems to miss a photo-op.
much respect. totally antm.

and paula, always styling, looks like she brought out the prada glasses for the big event.
red and white is a fine combo, but they would have looked better with red and silver kit...
you should work on that.


thanks to skinnyski for taking all the photos, and to super rookie for being a good sport and teammate!
of course it's all in jest, sr had a great race for being so late in a long season!

i really enjoy slamming rookie on the net, but we have an understanding.
just fyi, if you think you can rip on him (or anyone in lgr) in a spiteful manner, you are sadly mistaken.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

state cx, from the sideline. part one.

since i was not competing it really didn't matter much who won and lost... but, there was some seriously amazing competition out there.

sure, somebody crossed the line first, but saturday, i was searching for the real winner;
i was searching for the best socks.

so, who did it looking the snazziest? who was able to overcome the elements and throw in some flair on the coldest race of the season, (besides maybe durand)?

first, allow me set the scene;

place: state cx, bassett creek park.

scene: a cold cruel day, stiff cool breeze with a smokey scent from the many fire pits, and an off-camber hill with a bad attitude.

sock competition: fierce in the b fields, lackluster in the a's.

the top competitors:

wooly, warm, and smart. but stylish enough to win?

tall socks. always a favorite, stylish and warm, showcases the knee.

though not technically socks, white booties are always an excellent choice.

more tall socks... no wait! our first disqualification! this is no sock, it's a slipped leg warmer!

good use of color, adding a nice flair to a normally blah kit. the fuzziness and silver shoe gives a nice moon boot look. fantastic.

stripes were the major theme this season, capitalizing on that, and adding a great accessory in the glasses, (what i like to refer to as "dan swanson's"), the glory is going to go to kyia, who was obviously there to win!

congratulations! you earned it.

part two, coming soon!

(all photos from

Friday, November 16, 2007

deep fried.

so, i was going to report on how my co-worker got me ill.
how i've been feeling run-into-the-ground, for the last 3 days...
build it up all dramatic-like, with the hemming and hawing, and how i really shouldn't race this weekend, "but, it's states dammit".

and i was probably going to go so far as to claim my "undying love" for the sport, and for the suffering... and my total lack of fear donning a skinsuit in 35 degree weather.

...but then frye just up and crapped out.

he just up and said, "i am totally and completely punking out, and i don't care what you think".
and then continued, "my old, and brittle bones have a hard enough time dealing with the stress of cyclocross, if i go to a race ill, well, i may just end up coming home in a bodybag".

much respect to frye for having the courage (ahem) to wuss out of a race. i envy that kind of dedication to the couch.
but, as i thought about it more, he did have a point.
...and it just seemed so much easier.

so, i'm out.
no states for me.
on a good day i could have pulled 4th at best, so the dream was of the lowest step on the podium... now, thanks to frye, that dream is shattered.

somebody find me a cowbell.
(ray, i'm looking at you).

scooping rookie.


dewey sighting on the bike game dot com.

here we see former usa crits leader, and a+f masi rider, mark hekman getting a taste of the dew.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


so, k-murder is out in pdx, as you may or may not know.

you may also know that the recent single speed world championships of cyclocross were in pdx as well.

so, naturally, k-murder and his speedvagen toed the line with pros like ryan trebon, erik tonkin, adam craig, and eventual winner barry wicks.

k-murder finished a strong, strong 18th place in the stacked field.

not too bad for a smoker.

way to go!

he even beat tonkin.

epic. k-murder and tonkin two packer fans in portland battle on bike in the deadly dance of cyclocross.

Friday, November 09, 2007


did my first 1rm test of the 07-08 off-season last night.

feeling a tad wrecked this morning, but not as bad as i expected... but there is always tomorrow!

big dave says day two after lifting is his favorite. but he's crazy.

painful stuff, but if you want to have that kick it's gotta be done.
joe knows what i'm talking about.

so, my squat max is up from this time last year. isn't that exciting?
well, it's very nice considering i've felt slow all year.
(i think my brake pad was rubbing).

i'm also setting up some yearly plans for a few people, and showing them the ins and outs of the gym work stuff.
this is awesome, i like doing it and it is really rewarding. last year i only set up one lifting plan for a cyclist, (and the first one i wrote that wasn't for me), but we managed to peak at the right time with some very good results in targeted races, and earn a category upgrade!
that was rad.
one of the highlights of my season.

speaking of my season; my schedule only has the state cx and jingle cx left on it.

then it'll be a very nice 2 weeks off the bike, and then the gear up for next season.

my racing age will be a very scary 30 next year, so i will be taking advantage of this phenom and heading to t-town for master's nationals. i'm gonna get on the podium.

i have a few other secrets up my sleeve, but i'll hold on to them for now.

in other news, dan wold has left the state.
he will be repping lgr in az, and easily winning the az state jersey in the match sprints this year.
but he will be back, then we'll smack up the other team sprint teams.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

smells like fall.

yes, it's that time of year again.


cx is slowing spinning out, and i find myself in front of the computer every spare moment i have, working on the 2008 lgr kit, and as soon as that is done, well, trainer time and ymca season will really kick into gear.

...and it will be freezing ass cold.
(off-season my ass).

even with that, right now things are good. i've been riding more this fall than in years past, so that's been nice. thanks in part to having mid days off of work... but mainly to the national champs fork that lets me go rip up the trails on the mtb.

it's been really nice to keep the riding fresh and interesting this late into the season by utilizing a new discipline.
it's also nice not to watch the form nose-dive mid way thru cx season... ha!
i have always had fun riding the mtb, but this is the first time i've actually had my own bike to ride.
it makes a difference.

my 2008 season is getting planned out, and peaks are being set up. i've got some big goals.
bigger than ever before.
one of which is to help my teammates meet their goals, and another is to help lgr defend it's rr state championship.
speaking of the team;

the team stuff is really coming together (again), and 2008 is already looking like it'll be a great year.
we've already got some very exciting new sponsors, and the new folks joining up are all awesome!
which is huge.
we always have had a vision that the team would really be small and focused, and value personalities over racing abilities. and it has been working!
i mean, you know me, i'm kind of a dick.
...but i really actually like all my teammates - new and old.

it's pretty awesome to be able to say that.

and i think that because of that, everyone will be able to go further with cycling than they might have thought.
total win-win.

so, even though it is a huge amount of stress trying to please everyone with a super-fly kit design, (and doing it under the deadline no less), it is so worth it because of the people that'll be wearing it.
plus, i do actually like working on it and sharpening the design skills... maybe one day i can work for some hipper-than-thou jerk in an ad office somewhere... if i'm lucky they will even pay me!

Monday, November 05, 2007


as you all well know, lgr's nscx cross race was sunday.

...and it was amazing.

i can't thank everyone enough for coming out! it was a really good time.

tuffy did a great job getting all the ducks in a row for this race to happen, and the little guy came up with a pretty bad ass course, (i did get to assist with the design of the course a bit, but all the real gems we're lg's. plus he had to do all the shitwork of getting it approved and whatnot).

i knew the course was going to be tougher than anyone was expecting it to be, i heard it more than once, "what's out there? it's just gonna be flat and grassy".

nscx was very different from a "typical" mn cx race. i'm even amazed that we managed to pull out all the elements in that seemingly mundane venue; grass, pavement, gravel, sand, mud...
it was going to really test us racing, and really show us who could hang, and who would not be tough enough for something mn cxer's may not be used to.

the real beauty of the course, (and the fun in helping design it), was all the choices racers would be faced with during the race. it was a course built with think-through-the-pain types in mind.

sometimes courses tend to have "one good line"...

i think the results show we were able to really challenge all the riders to make choices all the time. where was the best recovery zone? (some say the parking lot. some say the backside decent. who knows). ride the ditch? run the ditch?
we even had the course set up to allow the racers a choice of taking the wide line around on the velodrome surface, but unfortunately it was nixed by the officials just before the start. we also we're hoping to have more barriers, but no one knew where they were... but next year look for a triple in the field.

much of the course was pre-determined, like the barrier out of the drome, it had to be there. and the ditch, there was no way to make the course long enough without it, the sports center had forbidden bikes on the soccer fields.
but still, i think we did a good job of making the race hard, (real hard), with what we had, and making a technical course but still keeping the lanes wide and allowing for lots of potential lines, and spots to pass.

the hardest challenge for me in any race is off-camber stuff.
i think it is just tough, and very under-utilized in mn. so we tossed in a bunch of that.

...and the ditch. who knew it would get quite that awesome?

we heard tons of great feedback, and we hope to bring the race back for next year.
so, tell bob you thought it was awesome, and i'd encourge you consider taking the track class, or even just coming out to ride the velodrome once or twice next season.

see you at states. i'm bringing all my friends!
(i'm skipping milaca).