Friday, October 31, 2008

rock the vote!

i am pumped!


are you ready to rock the friggin' vote?!?!?!?!?!

well i am! hells yes!


i can't friggin' wait to do my amercain duty as an god-fearing american, and friggin' vote-the-hell-out of that voting booth!

i'm so pumped, i may even vote twice!

you may think that this is some sort of halloween gag, and that i am not actually pumped to vote, but you would be wrong. i have been long awaiting a ticket that fully represented my views on what this country needs to turn itself around!

well my friends, that dream has been realized.

granted i would like to see the unicorn on the top of the ticket, but hey- it is only the second time a unicorn has been on the ticket at all. and if we start grooming the unicorn now then maybe in 2012... well, who knows how far this could go?

now, i don't want to sound demanding, but it is time to put country first and elect change!
i'm just sayin', like puffy daddy told all you bitches-

vote or die!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

168 days to tuesday night worlds

now that i have decided that road races are for suckers, i am focusing on crits, track, cyclocross, and any other sporting, baking, or television events that take less than an hour to complete.
having these clearly defined goals has allowed me to really zero in on some key elements, and really start to work on some limiters.

for instance, here's a hot tip: my all-new crit strategy involves watching this film nightly, just before bed. looking ever so carefully for the stylish red aero booties, as robbie ventura soothes me to sleeeeep.

yep, only one hundred sixty-eight day until we "ramp it up to really hard"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Macaframa Primier

if you need an excuse to come to milwaukee...
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

for whom the bell tolls...

mccain and obama out themselves as anarchists.

interesting times.

ok, so maybe they aren't anarchist per se, but they both "look up to" the hero of hemmingways novel, for whom the bell tolls.

as you may or may not know, for whom the bell tolls is set during the spanish civil war. the hero, Robert Jordan, lives in the hills and in caves and fights the fascist state that is franco.

the spanish civil war is widely regarded as the best example of an actual anarchist state in modern history.

the question is, who was robert jordan fighting for?

maybe it says so in the book. i don't know. i started it, but i can not stand the way hemmingway writes.
it drives me nuts.

i also tried to read the old man and the sea, same thing. can make too far before i start wondering out loud why he is a famous author.

regardless, any way you slice it, both mccain and obama look up to a "strong, stoic, tough" hero, in robert jordan.
a man, living in a cave, prepared to fight to the death with the government of the country, and with a plot to destroy the countries infrastructure. a guerilla. ...a terrorist.(!)

interesting times indeed.

who knows if hemmingway/robert jordan was an anarchist sympathiser, what we do know is that the anarchists decided to help the communists (who would have otherwise been crushed) defeat franco and fascism in spain.
...only to have the commies turn around and wipe them out.

never trust a commie.
this is especially important to remember as we nationalize our banking system this morning.

hmmmm, so wait a minute...
then are obama and mccain anarchists or communists?
a hybrid? socialists!?

say it ain't so!

the terrorists may have already won!

Monday, October 13, 2008

rainy day.

what are you thinking about?
the past weekend cx races? ha!
not me.

just the facts man.
on rainy days, all i want is coffee. well, espresso actually.
don't wanna be to too awake on a rainy day.

30ml (single) espresso: 40-60mg caffine;
dbl espresso: 70-100mg;
12oz americano: 70-120mg;
12oz brewed coffee: 120-200mg (or more)

robusta has nearly dbl the caffeine of arabica. Most budget coffees are 100% robusta.

Darker roast = higher caffeine.

so, as you can see, it's a complete myth that espresso will keep you awake more than drip coffee. you need 5x shots or more to match 12-16oz drip... but it is so tasty.
p.s. cx was just fine this weekend. although cullen beat me on sunday due to my flat tire, i was able to make up for it earier in the day by hekeling frye during his race, and then riding past him in mine. sweet. like a nice shot of espresso.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


just a reminder, wristbands are still available!

find me at a race, or head over to behind bars and pick one up after you are finished drooling on the super sweet line of steel masi bikes! (i like the cx bike...)

there is no set price, it's a sliding scale donation. pay what you think it's worth to help out jason.
100% goes to him.

and he needs it. in addition to his stupid expensive medical bills, he just won't stop breaking shit.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


my cyclocross season:
  • 9/27 mad cx 1 uci (wca series)
  • 9/28 mad cx 2 uci (wca series)
  • 10/4 "orono" cx (mn cry series)
  • 10/5 hudson cx (mn cry series)
  • 10/11 twine ball cx (mn cry series)
  • 10/12 wirth classic (mn cry series)
  • 10/18 [open]
  • 10/19 mclaren park (bay area super prestige series)
  • 10/25 [open]
  • 10/26 green acres cx (mn cry series)
  • 11/1 Kletsch Park (wca series)
  • 11/2 Estabrook Park (wca series)
  • 11/8 nscx (mn cry series)
  • 11/9 [open]
  • 11/15 majorwood mn state cx championships
  • 11/29 jingle cx rock 1 uci
  • 11/30 jingle cx rock 2 uci

the last 3 are my only "a priority" races, and the other out-of-town ones i'd like to do well in, so i'm calling them "b priority" races.

all the local races are "c".

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

not monday, but who cares?

defacto video monday. it's too serious around here.

holy crap.

this is what i woke up to at about 3am last night.
smokey, sirens, lights, the whole nine.

it was the neighbors house, but at the time i didn't know. i thought it was our house.
i herded up the pets and ran outside. left all my shit.
clothes, bikes, everything. pretty much expecting to lose it all.

once outside, it became clear that it was the neighbors house, but we weren't out of it yet, it was burning up pretty close to ours, and could potentially make the gap. there was a tree right between that would make it easy for the fire to bridge across.

MFD was amazing. watching them work up close like that was crazy. they were all business, and really got the blaze under control quick without acting crazy or freaking out all of us from the houses.
i was looking for casper and linda, didn't see them. i didn't want to ask since i figured the firefighters had more important issues to deal with.
about 5am i was able to go back in our place, which survived just fine- just a little smokey.

suffice to say, it was very difficult to get back to sleep.