Thursday, May 28, 2009

omg, a new post!

bet you thought i quit, huh?

maybe you were right. who knows.

anyway, here i am writing a stupid blog post. you are fucking welcome.

so, i guess the recent news is like so;

i raced up in duluth last weekend for tonytonetoni's duluth-classic. it was a ton of fun like usual.
a bit different from last year, as LGR did not field a full squad.

only me and the infamous littleguy made the trip.

stage one was the TT. awesome.
since neither of us would crack the top 10 on our best day, we both bagged it and rode tempo saving the legs for the "important" races. i did catch LG though, and we had a sprint finish where he got me by a tire. most excitement the officials had all day.

see me? i'm the cute one. (photo from

the rest of the weekend was us attacking the field and having fun
racing. managed some decent results, but no stage wins. which was expected, since i am currently way off the form i had last season at this time... it was good to see some new out-of-town teams in the mix.
you a-holes get boring to race every week. 'nowhatimsayin'?

and then;

the week prior to duluth was a busy one for me. masiguy (lgr's super fantastic awesome super sponsor) and staff were in town, and i spent the week showing him the sites.
masi was in town to shoot photos for their catalog and for ads/web stuffs. all that jazz.

fyi, my modelling career is about to blow up. get your autographs now.
i hear i will be in the next issue of urban velo.

we gave them the grand tour, and got alot of awesome stuff for the catalog.
they came out to the velodrome to catch the thursday night racing action.
they were treated to lgr and masi bikes going 1st & 2nd in the very first race of the season.
can't beat that.

me? i just tried to look fast.
i hope it worked.


don't forget, i have a new business!
please check it out and maybe buy some stuff. i have no kids to feed!

photo by TC worley