Sunday, July 22, 2007

time for a recap.

thursday was soooo long ago, i can barely remember it... but here it goes.

track racing is awesome, and all the people that race the track are also awesome.
like me. i am awesome. (and i have the ribbon to prove it).

(and people say there is no positivity in my writing).

so, last thursday all the awesome people in minnesota showed up for the awesome party at the velodrome. there was gonna be a keirin, and some state championships, and the usa cup was on at the surrounding futbol fields. (that's soccer for the wisconsinite readers out there). so that meant a awesome line-up for the awesome party, plus many many bonus spectators. awesome!

to top all that off karla was in town for the awesome racing, that was awesome. plus, she hung out with us too. double-awesome!

i heard from a little bird that the uber-tea
m bitchwood[sp?] had chosen this night to be deemed unofficially "birchwood night" at the velodrome. i guess the plan was to rally the 180 members of the team to a mass showing in the stands and races, and show us trackies whats-what. awesome!

i don't know how many of "them" we're in the stands, but the were, (drum roll please...), 2 of them racing, and if big matt hadn't been sick there would have been 3!! awesome!
that would be the best turn out ever for bwood! super-awesome!

speaking of numbers, lgr brought out 10 racers to the track. awesome.
but we didn't know it was a contest, that's just the usual number.

anywho, i was too busy being awesome (see above) to remember to switch back from my warm-up gear to a race gear before my first race. so it went really
awesome. really.

then i had a keirin. they are always awesome.

i pulled my favorite start spot, 6. (awesome).
and i tried to start all slow and weak, to get the last spot in line... but i was not slow and weak enough, because pete hanna was slower and weaker... so i slotted in 5th, with him on my wheel.
he is so awesome.

i am just smart enough to remember how hanna won this race last year, so i had wanted to be on his wheel. so now i had to make him come around me somehow.
i decided with half -a-lap before the motor came off, to let a awesome gap open up. nice and big.
it worked! awesome!
hanna came right over, i jumped on, and he made the same move as last year.
i came over him, but it was too late. 1st and 2nd were gone, and only the top two qualified for the final. awesome.

i was happy with 3rd in the heat, but it sucked i didn't qualify. oh well, i am not a sprinter guy, so i should be happy to do as well as i did. which was awesome. (in case you forgot).

now, hagerty did do awesome, legit. he smoked quite a few local punters in the heat, and smoked a national champ in the final. uber-awesome!
then i did the cat 3 points race because i didn't feel like madisoning. it was fun, i just sat in a watched everybody, and decided who sucked and who is awesome.
i think i could have won, but bob told me not to, so i didn't contest any sprints. i just ramped it up a bit when i hit the front. just to be awesome.
i thought about sprinting for a prime from birchwood night, but it was a bag of granola so i didn't bother. tuffy went like hell for it though. i guess he was hungry.
tuffy is awesome.

then the night was over.

some other awesome stuff has happened this weekend, like not doing st. cloud.
i am so glad.

instead i worked on some mad-phat-burners at the jackpine and the bombshelter.


i was all anti-doping, and shit...
....and then i drank a bunch of coffee. awesome.

that's all folks!

p.s. holy crap, is this awesome or what?!?
(i stole it from masiguy, who stole it from dave moulton, who probably also stole it. awesome).

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